What are PAO base stocks?

Time for another #techtiptuesday ! This week we want to talk to you about base stocks, specifically Group IV base stocks. There are 5 grades of base stocks, Groups I, II, and III are all refined from a mineral base, Group IV is PAOs and are a man made synthetic, and Group V is all other man made synthetics. For reference Group III can be referred to technically as a synthetic, but it is from a mineral base. But we are here today to discuss PAOs. PAO is short for polyalphaolefins. PAOs are most highly touted for the extremely stable molecules making them one of the most durable, and the best at wear protection.

Notice in the image above the molecules on the left and right. PAO molecules (right) sizes are more universal which helps them to be stronger than other other base stocks. Their universal size, and strong molecule chains help to prevent shearing of the engine oil. Shearing is the act of molecule chain being shortened by a mechanical force such as a motor. When enough molecule chains get shortened it effectively reduces the viscosity of the oil and makes it lighter leading to less protection. Mineral oils are especially susceptible to this. This is why back in the day you were always told to change your engine oil at 3,000 miles, where synthetic engine oils claim longer oil change intervals. PAO base stocks are very shear stable and will hold their viscosity for much longer than mineral oils.

Spectro Oils proudly uses 100% Pure PAO synthetic base stocks in all of our Platinum Full Synthetic Oils. This helps us to ensure that you have the best product possible that will stand up to any test you can put it through. Next time you get your oil changed don't just ask if it's synthetic or not, ask what base stock it is made from. We stand behind what we use, Pure PAO!

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