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Leading manufacturer of performance oils becomes a promotional partner of upcoming film about motorcycle icon, John Penton.

FULLERTON, CALIF. (August 6, 2013) - When John Penton was looking for innovative, high-quality manufacturers for his "Hi-Point" line of premium off-road motorcycle accessories, he looked no further than Intercontinental Lubricants Corp., (ILC) in Brookfield, CT for his oil and lubricant products. ILC is the parent company of Spectro Oils of America, which is found in leading motorcycle dealerships and accessory retailers worldwide. Spectro Oils is supporting the new Penton film, now in production, as a sponsor and promotional partner.

Over 40 years ago, John Penton discovered a unique synthetic lubricant product that Spectro had developed and began to market it under the "Hi-Point" brand that included apparel, parts, tires and more - all developed for the off-road motorcycle racer and enthusiast. Mr. Penton knew that Spectro's superior quality and performance was just what he was looking for to package as a Hi-Point product. Spectro Oils packaged various products as Hi-Point including synthetic blends for two- and four-stroke engines, two-stroke injector, gear lube, fork oils, chain lube and filter fluid. "Spectro is proud to be part of this historical film for not only the motorcycle industry, but for our own company as well," said President David Miller. "John Penton is an American motorcycle legend and icon who helped many companies, like ours, find success in the motorcycle industry."

Spectro Oils of America is not only contributing funds for the post-production process of the film, but more importantly will be actively promoting the forthcoming film to their dealers and consumers through distribution of the film's promotional materials. The film's producers feel that this type of cooperation will ensure the success of the film in many different motorcycle markets. "We are so grateful that Spectro has stepped in to support this film and will be helping to make sure the motorcycle world knows about it," said Todd Huffman, the film's Producer at Pipeline Digital Media (PDM). "John Penton knew he found a quality product with Spectro Oils all those years ago, and we know now we have a quality sponsor and partner involved with the film."

Over 80 interviews so far have been completed totaling dozens of hours of footage from the United States and Europe. More than 100 total interviews will ultimately be included, making this film the most star-studded in motorcycling history when it's released in the spring of 2014.

About The John Penton Story Film. The John Penton Story is a feature length documentary about off-road motorcycle pioneer and industry icon, John Penton and his family. It will be narrated by Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett and feature over 100 interviews of the largest cast of motorcycle legends ever assembled on film. The film's production was funded through the innovative "crowd funding" website and is set to release in Spring of 2014. Sponsorships are available.

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About Spectro Oils Spectro® (ILC) is a proud sponsor of Penton: The John Penton Story. Spectro brand products are manufactured and marketed by Intercontinental Lubricants Corp. of Brookfield, CT. ILC is one of the world's foremost manufacturers and packagers of quality, specialty lubricants. They also were the manufacturer of Penton Import's "Hi-Point Oils and Lubricants". Spectro® products are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance across the full range of full-synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum lubricants for all types of power-sports engines and transmissions.
Spectro® provides unsurpassed strength and endurance to protect your engine against wear and tear.The product line also includes superior suspension fluids, fork oils, brake fluids, coolant, chain lubes, filter cleaners/oils, and appearance products.

About PDM Pipeline Digital Media is a full-service, high-definition, broadcast TV and video production company. PDM produced series and specials for CBS, Speed, Versus, Fuel, Fox Sports Net, Outdoor Life Network, and ESPN. Most recently in 2010 and 2011, PDM produced specials for CBS Sports Four Legends and The Legends of Supercross-The Races. PDM also have produced the highly acclaimed series for Speed on the history of motocross, The Motocross Files and motorcycle adventure reality series Epic Ride.

For more information contact: Todd Huffman, Producer/Director
Phone: (714) 626-0885