4 Stroke Oil

Spectro 4


Spectro 4 combines highest quality base oils and superior anti-wear additives to provide exceptional lubrication and protection. Exceeds all known motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty requirements, plus A.P.I. SL/JASO MA/MA2.

1 Liter Bottle (12/case) Product Code
10w30 L.S413
10w40 L.S414
20w40 L.S424
20w50 L.S425
4 Liter Bottle (4/case) Product Code
10w30 U.S413
10w40 U.S414
20w50 U.S425
55 Gallon Drum Product Code
10w30 Z.S413
10w40 Z.S414
20w40 Z.S424
20w50 Z.S425

Safety Data Sheet