Premix Ratios


It's time for another #techtiptuesday and this time it's a special edition! We went way back in our past for this one, back to our first ever product that is, Golden Spectro Motorcycle Two Cycle Premix. There are many...many things we want to talk to you about two stroke oils. It is a topic that has a lot of information so we want to break it down for you. Today we want to talk specifically about mix ratios.

Spectro Oils Premix RatiosA very common question that we get asked is "What ratio do I mix your oil at?" and we have a stock answer for that question. You should always mix your two stroke at your OEM recommended ratios. Now while this may sound like a lazy stock answer, we say it with good reason. Most two stroke oils can be mixed at a wide variety of ratios and still be effective. The reason that you should always follow factory info on this is that they build the bike to run at a certain level of oil. Too much and you run rich, foul plugs, and get carbon buildup...Run too little and you are running lean, not enough oil can lead to wear and damage.

Now this is all if you have a premix system, but what if you are oil injected. For the most part the bike will be preset to what it needs, but there is still one very important to thing to remember when looking for oil. Make sure you are using an oil that is acceptable for an injection system. Some oils are made for premix only and will not gum up, and not run through an injection system properly.

Spectro Oils makes a high quality two stroke oil that will work in all OEM machines without issue and it can be mixed to every known major OEM mix ratio. We offer premix and injector options in Petroleum, Synthetic Blend, and Full Synthetic Formulas for whatever you ride!

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