Golden Cartridge Fork Fluid


Spectro Cartridge fluids are formulated specifically for service in modern inverted cartridge style forks. A semi-synthetic blend of the world’s leading base stocks, as well as anti-foaming and anti-wear additives, “Golden Cartridge Fork” provides zero stiction, conditions seals, and provides smoother operation. Designed for use in Kayaba, Showa and Marzocchi forks.

1 Liter Bottle (12/case) Product Code
5w L.GSCF85/150
7.5w L.GSCF125/150
5 Gallon Pail Product Code
5w W.GSCF85/150
7.5w W.GSCF125/150
16 Gallon Drum Product Code
5w X.GSCF85/150
7.5w X.GSCF125/150
55 Gallon Drum Product Code
5w Z.GSCF85/150
7.5w Z.GSCF125/150

Safety Data Sheet