Brookfield, CT – Below is a guide to preparing your motorcycle for winter storage. These are the most important steps, and if they are followed, it will ensure that you will keep your bike on the road, track or trail for many years to come without issue.

Use Spectro Motorcycle Wash to give your bike a thorough cleaning to avoid corrosion and blemishes to the paint during the long winter months.

Add an ethanol fuel treatment to your fuel tank. Try Spectro Ethanol Fuel Conditioner to extend the life of your fuel for easy start up in spring, which will eliminate any further breakdown and negative effects caused by ethanol bonding with water to degrade your fuel.

Always replace your engine oil before winter storage instead of the spring. Treating your engine to fresh oil and filters prior to storage will prevent corrosion and engine sludge build up which are both detrimental to engine longevity. Spectro has an oil for every motorcycle in production. To see Spectro’s complete line of engine oils, visit

IMPORTANT: Restart your motorcycle and take it for a quick ride to circulate the new oil throughout the engine to ensure all components have been coated with the fresh oil.

Lube your cables with Spectro 101 Multipurpose Lubricant and adjust freeplay if necessary, for smooth gear/clutch engagement and braking functions. This is a great time to inspect brake fluid levels and check which type your motorcycle requires (DOT 3/4 or a DOT 5)

Use Spectro Chain Lube or Spectro Chain Wax to lubricate your chain (adjust chain tension if necessary) if your bike is belt driven, inspect for cracks. If your bike has a drive shaft, check your fluid levels. Change final drive fluid if the owner's manual says to do so.

Inspect your tires and tire valves for wear, cracks/dry rot and pressure. If tires are low, inflate to recommended pressures.

Check your battery, if water levels are low, add distilled water to each cell that is low and connect a battery tender/trickle charger to extend the life into the next season.

Plug exhaust pipes to prevent rodents from nesting.

Cover and store in a safe and dry location.