Proudly Made in the USA Since 1966

Spectro Performance Oils products are manufactured and marketed by MOTOREX USA Inc. of Brookfield, Connecticut. MOTOREX USA Inc. is the US-affiliate of Swiss-based MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG.

Spectro Performance Oils has been formulating, packaging and marketing premium lubricants since it was founded by Robert H. Wehman in 1966. From the start, the company has insisted on exceptional product performance and absolute first class ingredients, and we continue to be relentless in this commitment to provide the best products for our customers.

Founder Bob Wehman, having solved fuel:oil mixture problems for SAAB USA INC., turned his expertise to the rapidly growing 2-stroke motorcycle industry of the late 1960s. His formulations revolutionized the performance of these machines, and the Golden Spectro product helped many racers cross the finish line without problems, race after race.

Today’s Spectro® products provide a full range of full-synthetic, synthetic blend and petroleum lubricants for all classes of power-sports engines and transmissions. Spectro® Platinum Full Synthetic oils are, without a doubt, among the finest synthetic lubricants you can run in a motorcycle. All Spectro® Platinum Synthetics are true synthetics, crafted on a batch-by-batch basis using Spectro’s Pure PAO Technology. Built from the ground up out of molecules that have been constructed to provide superior strength and endurance, no matter how hard or how long you punish them.

The Spectro® line also includes superior suspension fluids, fork oils, brake fluids, coolant, chain lubes/waxes, filter cleaners and oils, and protection/appearance products.

In addition to the Spectro® line, we offer technical assistance, specialty blending and manufacturing services. We also provide customized products for motorcycle and automobile engine, transmission, and drivetrain builders and race teams.

Spectro® products are sold through certified motorcycle and power-sports retailers and online retailers in the United States and in many international markets. Support of our retailers is the cornerstone of Spectro’s® marketing and distribution system.

In many parts of the United States, and in other countries, retailers obtain their Spectro® products through a network of Spectro® Authorized Distributors. Contact information for these distributors can be found on our website at


Spectro Performance Oils has been batch blending its extensive line of performance oils since 1966. Through the decades, Spectro has ensured top quality products that have been tested, trusted and proven by powersports and motoresports industry professionals. Batch blending assures that each blend is extremely accurate and uneffected or contaminated from a previous blend. The blending tanks, pipes, filling lines and filters are all thoroughly cleaned and inspected before the next product is set up for production. Quality and performance mean everything to us and our loyal customers.

Every different blend is stamped with a 5-digit quality control number on the back label or bottle. This number is accompanied by an archived fluid sample to be absolutely sure that if anything were wrong with the blend (because no process is perfect), we would be able to make it right by referencing that sample.

As our founder Bob Wehman once said, "The real pleasure of riding is a smooth operating machine." If you want a smooth ride, quality and performance are instrumental.



Spectro Performance Oils has been Proudly Made in the USA since 1966 and has been a go-to oil for countless motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts since its inception here in the USA. The brand doesn't stop at the borders, Spectro is distributed to dozens of countries around the world including some of the biggest markets like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, many European countries, Japan, Taiwan and many more.