Press Releases

4/15/11 – Spectro’s Z-Clean Chain Lube: engineered with a unique zinc formulation for superior chain lubrication.


Spectro Oils presents Z-Clean Chain Lube, a dramatically effective new product that does more of what you want done, and less of what you don’t.

Z-Clean Chain Lube’s special zinc formulation provides unsurpassed anti-wear protection, resulting in longer chain and sprocket life.

Yet, Z-Clean’s zinc formulation does not attract dirt, sand or grit, and so will not fling off when used as directed. Suitable for O-ring and roller type chains, both for on-road and off-road use, Z-Clean is the next generation in chain lubrication.

Spectro brands are manufactured and marketed by Intercontinental Lubricants Corp. of Brookfield, CT, ILC